On this page you can access a digital version of my manifesto by clicking on the button provided, whereafter you can use the detailed table of contents to quickly navigate to any section that interests you. If you wish, you may also download and print the document for easier reading.

This manifesto, which is free of political rhetoric, represents a portion of my private research and policy writing over the past seventeen years, which I have further worked on to adapt for this election by updating my positions to ensure that they are in line with the most up to date policy approaches relevant to the context of Ireland.

By openly sharing my manifesto, I not only hope that potential constituency electors will be inspired but also, anybody who may have an interest in any of the issues and be in a position to influence public policy. I therefore encourage people to use and adapt its contents how they wish, with my only request being that they reference accordingly for the purposes of fairness.

Finally, please note that this is a living document; therefore, if and when I have time to research more nuanced issues, I will add and develop new sections.

Should you want a quick overview of several key policy areas, please see the below section for condensed bullet-pointed summaries on a variety of selected pertinent topics.



Positions on selected issues

For a detailed breakdown of my positions and actionable intentions on the below and across a full range of major public policy areas, please read my manifesto.


Economy & Society

  • Tax Reform that gives more disposable income to lower and middle earners by way of favourable tax credits and differential rates.
  • Address process heavy social welfare systems and introduce new allowances that recognise the diversity of contributors to our society.
  • Reform the rental market, build transition housing and introduce affordable housing quorums with scaling salary linked subsidies.
  • Statutory right to adequate mental health services and home care that is supported by in-community clinics and specialised hospitals.
  • Decentralize the economy by empowering Údarás na Gaeltachta to support business development and facilitate the growth of rural towns.

Climate & Environment

  • Subsidize diversification schemes for farmers and establish ecological rehabilitation programmes for peatlands and forests.
  • Develop a waste recycling economy and polluter pays model that supports resource self-sufficiency and incentivizes plastic alternatives.
  • Decarbonize the economy by electrifying all transportation and building a smart grid network of renewable energy and storage.

Politics & Reform

  • Make overseas postal voting universal and reform the Seanad to be free of political affiliations with the vote extended to all graduates.
  • Increase the use of the Citizens’ Assembly and create an Electoral Commission to hold parties to account on their manifesto promises.